Hi, I am Rikee Banks.

I'm a Photography Artist based in Sacramento, California. Creating portraits and capturing events is my jam! I am a big fan of shooting outdoors, so most of my photo sessions take place at various locations in the community and around town, utilizing the seasonal scenery and cool backdrops the 916 gives us. I am also available to travel and shoot on location upon request; as well as in-studio on select dates.

I started this adventure in 2015 as a photography student at American River College, and I immediately recognized photography as my passion in life. I love what I do and I am humbled by all of the people that allow me the opportunity to create with them. I have had a few of my works published in magazines, worked shooting behind-the-scenes on the set of music videos and film documentary projects, and I am currently working on publishing my first book!

The thing that I really love about this wild ride I have been on the past few years is all of the connections I have made with people and all of the relationships that have been built. I have had the pleasure of meeting and shooting with some truly amazing people! I love it here!

Peace, Love, and Pix! --- Rik

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